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GATE 2023 II Fluid Mechanics & Machinery II Rank Booster Quiz 9

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Question 1

What could be the possible momentum thickness if the displacement thickness for a velocity profile is given as ?

Question 2

For the separation of boundary layer, the pressure gradient should be

Question 3

The drag force acts in _____ to the flow velocity.

Question 4

The velocity distribution in a boundary layer is given by  the shape factor for the given boundary layer is

Question 5

Displacement thickness in a flow governed by is 0.25δ. The value of n is __.

Question 6

For a flow velocity distribution is given as where u is local velocity and U is free stream velocity. Displacement thickness is given by and momentum thickness is given by θ.

Then, =_________.

Question 7

A laminar boundary layer has a velocity distribution given by . The displacement thickness for this boundary layer will be
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