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GATE 2023 II Fluid Mechanics & Machinery II Rank Booster Quiz 8

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Question 1

Two pipe systems in series are said to be equivalent when _______.

Question 2

The diameter Ratio of larger to smaller pipe in case of sudden expansion for minimum head loss is _____.

Question 3

Two identical Pipe of length L, diameter d and Friction factor f are connected in series between two reservoirs. The size of a pipe of length L and of same friction factor f equivalent to above pipeline is ____.

Question 4

The pressure at the summit of siphon should not be made to fall below __________ m of water in absolute.

Question 5

The head loss due to sudden expansion from diameter D1 to D2 is ____.

Question 6

A pipe of diameter 10 cm suddenly enlarges such that pressure lost is minimum. The average velocity in pipe 1 is 5 m/s. The head loss due to sudden expansion is( in m)

Question 7

Which property of the fluid accounts for the major losses in pipes?
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