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GATE 2023 II Fluid Mechanics & Machinery II Rank Booster Quiz 7

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Question 1

A fluid entire a circular pipe with free stream velocity of 5 m/s. The average velocity (in m/s) in developed region of flow is

Question 2

In a laminar flow between two parallel plates with a separation distance of 6 mm, the centre line velocity is 1.8 m/s. The velocity (in m/s) at a distance of 1 mm from the Boundary is _________.

Question 3

The wall shear stress (in N/m2 ) in a pipe of diameter 80 mm which carries water at velocities of the pipe centre and 20 mm from pipe centres are 2 m/s and 1.5 m/s respectively. (Assume turbulent flow)

Question 4

The intensity of turbulence refers to

Question 5

In laminar flow between two parallel plates, the slope of hydraulic gradient line was found to be 0.05. If the discharge remains the same but the viscosity increases by 50% ,the value of new slope of hydraulic gradient line will be.

Question 6

The relation is valid for

Question 7

Water flows at a steady mean velocity of 2.5m/s through a 45 mm diameter pipe slopping upwards 45 ° to the horizontal. At a section some distance downstream of the inlet the pressure is 800 kPa and at a section 30 m further along the pipe the pressure is 480 kPa. Determine the average shear stress at the wall of the pipe.
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