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Question 1

Mach number is significant in

Question 2

Which of the following non-dimensional numbers is not correctly defined?

Question 3

A water turbine delivering 10 MW power is to be tested with the help of a geometrically similar 1 : 16 model, running at the double speed as that of the prototype. The power developed by model will be

Question 4

The results obtained from experiments on models can be applied to prototype only if a complete similarity exists between the model and prototype and for that the two systems may be
(i) Geometrically similar
(ii) Kinematically similar
(iii) Dynamically similar
Identify the correct statements

Question 5

In a 1:36 scale model test of a spillway, discharge of flow over the model is 6 m3/s. If the velocity of flow over model was found to be 5 knots, then the velocity of flow over prototype in m/s will be
[1knot= 0.5144m/sec]

Question 6

Inside a ship building R&D center, a model of a ship was to be put under experimental analysis, for estimating its wave drag. If the speed the actual full scale ship is , then at what speed must be model must be tested?

Question 7

The dimensionless number which becomes significant when Inertial and Surface Tension Forces tend to dominate is
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