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GATE 2023 EMT Evaluation Quiz 8

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Question 1

A vector magnetic potential is given by . The magnetic flux density at  will be

Question 2

Consider the following statements regarding position and laplace equation:

1. Poisson’s equation is valid in a charged region whereas laplace equation is valid in a charge free region.

2. Laplace equation is non-homogeneous differential equation and Poisson’s equation is homogeneous differential equation. Which of the above statements is/are NOT correct?

Question 3

The E – field of a UPW propagating in a dielectric medium is given by

The dielectric constant of the medium is

Question 4

If a manufacturer produces a ferrite material with , and σ = 10-6 S/m at a frequency of 10MHz, then the phase difference (in radian) between two points separated by 2m is approximately equal to

Question 5

For a medium with intrinsic impedance of the modulus of ratio of conduction current and displacement current will be _________. (Correct upto 2 decimal places)

Question 6

A homogeneous dielectric ( = 3) fill region Z ≤ 0 while region Z ≥ 0 has dielectric constant = 4, If kv/m exists for Z ≥ 0, Find the angle made by transmitted wave with the interface in degree.

Question 7

Field is given as . The coordinate of the points O, P & Q one given in Cartesian coordinate system. Evaluate the line integral as along the path OPQ.

Question 8

The electric field Description: E:\Gate\Gate-EC\04_Elctromgntic_BL-done_files\image032.png of a plane wave propagating in free space is given by
Description: E:\Gate\Gate-EC\04_Elctromgntic_BL-done_files\image135.png
The corresponding magnetic flux density vector Description: E:\Gate\Gate-EC\04_Elctromgntic_BL-done_files\image110.png is given by
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