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GATE 2023 Electrical & Electronic Measurements Rank Booster Quiz 37

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Question 1

The Lissajous pattern when voltage of same frequencies is connected to the y and x plates of the oscilloscope are shown below. Find the phase angle difference between the waveforms?

Question 2

A dual slope DVM has a reference voltage of 50 mV with 1st integration time set to 300 msec. If the 2nd integration time period is 350 msec. Then the unknown voltage approximately is _____

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

For a balanced 3-phase circuit, two-wattmeter method shows W1 and W1/4 values. If W1 = 2000 Watts, then choose the correct option(s):

Question 4

The two signals S1 and S2 shown in figure are applied to y and x deflection plates of an oscilloscope.

The waveform displayed on the screen is

Question 5

A power transformer was tested to determine losses and efficiency. The input power was measured as 3650 watts and the delivered output power was 3385 watts, with each reading in doubt by ±10 W.

Calculate the percentage uncertainty in the losses of the transformer?

Question 6

A CT with a bar primary has 300 turns in the secondary winding. The resistance & reactance of the secondary circuit are 1 Ω and 2 Ω respectively with a 10 A following in the secondary winding, the magnetizing MMF is 100 AT and the iron loss is 1 watt. The percentage ratio error will be _____.

Question 7

In a circuit the anode voltage of CRT is 2000 V and the deflection plates of 2 cm length, 6 mm apart is used. If the screen is 50 cm away from the centre of deflection plates. Find the input voltage to deflect the beam through 2.5 cm and the input voltage to be applied to the deflection plates through amplifier of gain 200.
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