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GATE 2023 Discrete Mathematics Quiz 27

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Question 1

In an exam any 12 out of 15 questions are to be compulsorily attempted.

In how many ways can the questions be attempted?

Question 2

Find the number of ways in which 21 desktops can be distributed among 3 labs in a college such that each lab gets at least one desktop?

Question 3

Consider the letters of the word ARRANGEMENT. In how many ways can the letters be arranged?

Question 4

The number of bit strings of length 8 that will either start with 1 or end with 00 is?

Question 5

In how many ways 8 girls and 8 boys can sit around a circular table so that no two boys sit together?

Question 6

Consider the letters of the word TOGETHER. How many arrangements will start and end with a vowel?
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