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GATE 2023 Design of concrete Structures Rank Booster Quiz 40

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Question 1

Positive bending moment coefficient at the middle of the interior star of a continuous one way slab for dead load and live load respectively as per IS 456 : 2000 are :

Question 2

If the core diameter of a circular RCC column is 510 mm and diameter of steel bar forming the helix is 20 mm then the maximum pitch (in mm) of the helical reinforcement will be

Question 3

To prevent cracking of edges, the corners in two-way slabs are provided with

Question 4

A rectangular column section of 250mm x 400mm is reinforced with five steel bars of grade Fe 500, each of 20mm diameters. Concrete mix is M30. Axial load on the column section with minimum eccentricity as per IS: 456-2000 using limit state method can be applied upto

Question 5

In a flat slab, the general convention is to provide ‘drop’ and ‘drops’ all provided to resist primarily?

Question 6

A RC column of square cross section(450mm x 450mm) has its column load moment interaction diagram as shown in figure below:

What is the maximum eccentricity at which a factored load of Pu = 810 kN can be applied safely?

Question 7

What is the minimum no. of longitudinal bars and minimum diameter to be provided in circular RC column:
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