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GATE 2023 Design of concrete Structures Rank Booster Quiz 39

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Question 1

As per IS 456-2000 for the design of reinforced concrete beam, the maximum allowable shear stress depends on the

Question 2

The shear resistance of rectangular beams without shear reinforcement depends upon the following factors
1). Grade of concrete
2). Percentage and grade of longitudinal compressive reinforcement
3). Percentage and grade of longitudinal tensile reinforcement
4). Axial tensile force
Which one of the following statements are CORRECT?

Question 3

 As a site engineer, a supervisor approaches you and raises his point that they need to bundle 4 bars of 40 mm dia. each as per the field rebar conditions. What will be your recommendation to him?

Question 4

What will be the area of longitudinal compression reinforcement needed if the equivalent bending moment considering the combined effect of torsion and flexure comes out to be 100.45 kNm while the factored bending moment acting on the beam is 55.65 kNm. The dimension of the section is 260 × 460 mm. Use M20 grade concrete and fe415 grade steel.

Question 5

As per IS 456: 2000, if the depth of the section exceeds ____mm and the section is subjected to torsion, the total area of reinforcement equal to ____% of the web area is need to provided distributed equally on both side faces of the section.

Question 6

As per IS 456: 2000, The minimum shear reinforcement for M20 grade of concrete and Fe 415 grade of steel will be _________

width of beam 700 mm

Question 7

What will be the maximum spacing (in mm) of 2 legged 8 mm stirrup if the RCC beam 220 × 450 mm (Effective) is subjected to a shear force less than its nominal strength. Use M25 concrete and Fe415 grade steel.
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