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GATE 2023 Design of concrete Structures Rank Booster Quiz 38

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Question 1

The maximum load indicated by testing machine in split tensile strength test of concrete is 200 kN. The cylinder is of standard size, the split tensile strength of concrete will be

Question 2

When an under reinforced beam is loaded with an intensity greater than the critical load, first flexure crack appears to develop at

Question 3

When the section is subjected to the limiting moment of resistance then the actual stress in the steel of a singly reinforced concrete(M 20) beam of 200 mm width and 400 mm effective depth, with 4 bars of 16 mm diameter of Fe415 steel is ____ N/mm2.

Question 4

A doubly reinforced rectangular beam is 240 mm wide and 500 mm deep. If the limiting stress in concrete and steel are 5 N/mm2 and 230 N/mm2 respectively. The applied bending moment is 100 kN-m. effective cover to steel is 40 mm. m = 19. Then area for compression will be?

Question 5

A T-beam behaves as a rectangular beam, of a width equal to its flange width if its neutral axis remains:

Question 6

A [Assertion] – Work load method uses a factored load (or load multiplied by a factor) to calculate the stress

R(reason)- Factored load account for uncertainty in calculation of load

Question 7

There is a flanged beam section which is subjected to a constant compressive stress in flange (Df), it means that the  should be?
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