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GATE 2023 Control system Evaluation Quiz 12

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Question 1

The state equation of a linear system is given as   = AX + BU, where A = and B = , the state transition matrix of the system is

Question 2

If a second order system has poles at – 1 ± j then the step response of the system will exhibit a second peak value at _____ sec

Question 3

The state variable representation of a system is given by the following equations

y =

If the given system is said to be uncontrollable the value of a should be ______

Question 4

An open loop transfer function of a unity feedback system is G(S) = K/s(s+5). The value of ‘k’ that will result is a phase margin of 50 degrees in approximately ____

Question 5

The Nyquist plot of G(s)H(s) which has one right hand pole is given below. The corresponding closed loop system is

Question 6

consider a plant whose transfer function is . The magnitude of resonant peak in dB is_________

Question 7

Consider a negative feedback closed loop system whose open loop transfer function is G(s). The steady state error of the closed loop system’s output to a unit step reference input is ……….

Question 8

Consider the gain phase plot as shown in figure

The gain crossover and phase crossover frequency will be respectively?

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