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GATE 2023 Building Materials Rank Booster Quiz 43

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Question 1

Arrange the following Bogue’s compound in the increasing order of their binding property

1) C3S

2) C2S

3) C3A

4) C4AF

Question 2

Consider following statement regarding tests on cement

1) For a sound cement, expansion due to lime in Le chatelier method shall not be more than 10 cm

2) Autoclave test is used to measure soundness due to presence of magnesia in cement.

3) In vicat’s apparatus to determine setting time of cement, 10 mm diameter plunger is used to determine initial setting time.

4) Blair’s air permeability method is used to determine fineness of cement.

Correct statement(s) is/are:

Question 3

To make 1m3 of 1: 1.5 : 3.5 (by volume) concrete the volume of coarse aggregate required will be

Question 4

Statement (I) : Rapid method of concrete mixdesign will take 3 days for trials.

Statement (II) : This rapid method depends on curing the concrete in warm water at or above 55°C

Question 5

Consider the following statements

1) The concrete with 28 days characteristic compressive strength greater than 50 to 60 MPa is known as high strength concrete.

2) It is generally made by using high grade portland cement with its content of 400 to 450 kg/m3, and by lowering the water cement ratio to 0.35 or cover.

Which of the above statements is (are) correct?

Question 6

Which is/are correct measure to be taken while concreting is adopted in sub–zero temperature?

1). Admixtures of anti–freezing materials

2). Selection of suitable type of cement

3). Use of air–entraining agents

4). Economic heating of materials of concrete.

Question 7

Based on given properties identify the paint

I. This paint is prepared from nitro-cotton, photographic films, etc.

II. It gets hardens by evaporation of thinning agent.

III. It gives a flexible, hard and smooth surface.

IV. The painted surfaces with cellulose paint can be washed and easily cleaned.

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