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GATE 2023 Building Materials & Construction Management Quiz 37

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Question 1

Which of the following statements is/are true?

1) According to Abram’s law, the strength of fully compacted concrete is directly proportional to water-cement ratio.

2) The fineness of cement is expressed in terms of specific surface of cement.

3) The fineness of cement can be calculated by Blaine air permeability method.

4) Coarser cement particles may cause bleeding by settling down in concrete.

Question 2

The gel-space ratio of a concrete sample is given as 0.6. What is the theoretical strength in MPa of that concrete sample?

Question 3

Wp and Wf are the weight of the cylinder containing partially and fully compacted concrete. If the compacting factor (Wp/ Wf ) is 0.95, the workability of concerte is:

Question 4Multiple Correct Options

Which of the options are correct for a 3m3 of concrete having design mix proportion of 1 : 2 : 7 (by volume)

Question 5

Slump test cannot be used as a workability test for:

Question 6

If in a concrete mix, the fineness modulus of coarse aggregate is 7.6, the fineness modulus of fine aggregate is 2.8 and the economic value of the fineness modulus of combined aggregate is 6.4, then the percentage proportion of coarse aggregate is
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