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GATE 2023 Building Materials & Construction Management Champion Quiz 8

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Question 1

Chromium and Nickel are added in steel to improve its ___ property?

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

What is the role of plasticizer in concrete. Select the correct statement.

Question 3

The main role of dicalcium silicate in cement is -

Question 4

For a given activity, cost and time estimates are given below:

For time duration of 5 days for activity A, direct cost of activity will be Rs. _____

Question 5

For a project using PERT analysis, completion time is 8 week and standard duration is week. Probability of completion of work in 9.6 weeks will be ______%.

Question 6

Determine the probability (in %) of completing the project in 40 days for the following network given with the time estimates (in days) for each activity

The Probability (in %) corresponding to the different value of normal deviate are as follows–

Question 7Multiple Correct Options

A construction project consists of 130 activities. The time of completion of each activity is shown in the network diagram below. Which of the following statement is true?

(More than one answer may correct)

Question 8

Consider the given project network, the activity time is written an arrow. The free float of activity 4 – 6 is.

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