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GATE 2023 Aptitude Quiz 9

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Question 1

The question below consists of a set of labeled sentences. Out of the four options given, select the most logical order of the sentences to form a coherent paragraph.

P. Many deadwood beetle species recycle the nutrients of woodlands.

Q. Some deadwood beetles are predators or parasitoids to other insect species and restrict population growth of potential pests.

R. Others have recently been found to be pollinators.

S. Working alongside fungi, bacteria and other invertebrates, they break down dead wood and return the nutrients back to the soil.

Question 2

Rearrange the parts of the sentence in correct order.

The continued

P. the growing sales of sneakers

Q. dominance of the athleisure trend

R. along with the pursuit of comfort

S. has had a significant impact on

Question 3

Rearrange the parts of the sentence in correct order.

There are

P. reports that toy shops and other

Q. to prepare for the Christmas rush

R. non-food retailers are struggling to

S. get enough stock into their warehouses

Question 4

Rearrange the parts of the sentence in correct order.

While physical movement

P. activities may not require physical

Q. is important for children, all learning

R. the part of teachers and students

S. movement and facial expressions on

Question 5

Man is passive and the rest of  Nature active. Until quite recently Nature had her own sanctuaries, where man either did not go at all or only as a tool-using animal in comparatively small numbers. But now, in this machinery age, there is no place left where man cannot go with overwhelming forces at his command. He can strangle to death all the nobler wild life in the world to-day. To-morrow he certainly will have done so, unless he exercises due foresight and self-control in the meantime.

Which of the following best sums up the above passage?

Question 6

The business world is currently moving into an era of ubiquitous connectivity, which is transforming the operating styles and communication channels of an enterprise.Machine to machine (M2M)communications, a solution that allows automated communication between connected devices over a wireless network, has aided enterprises in their progress to ascertain constant connectivity and real time monitoring of assets.

What is the most critical message of this passage?

Question 7

The Caste-based Census will collect data pertaining to people of all castes, sub-castes, socio-economic conditions etc. The decision of a Caste-based Census was taken up by the Bihar cabinet on June 02 last year, months after the Centre ruled out such an exercise in the Census. The survey would cover an estimated population of 12.70 crores in an estimated 2.58 crore households in 38 districts, which have 534 blocks and 261 urban local bodies.The exercise will provide scientific data for implementation of welfare schemes for the economically weaker sections of the society, state authorities have claimed . 

Which is the most logical corollary of the above passage ?

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