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GATE 2023 || Aptitude || Quiz 8

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Question 1

A man said to a lady, ‘Your mother’s husband’s sister is my mother.’ How is the man related to the lady?

Question 2

P and Q are sisters. R and S are brothers. P’s daughter is R’s sister. What is Q’s relation to S?

Question 3

Point P is 6m to the north of point Q. Point R is 6m to the east of Point Q. Point S is 3m to the south of Point R. Point T is 2m to the west of Point S. Sunita starts walking from point T. She walks 9m north and reaches point M. She takes a right turn and walks 5m to reach point N. She takes another right turn, walks for 6m and reaches point O.

Which of the following represents the direction of point N with respect to point S?

Question 4

F is to the east of E. E is to the south of D, D is to the east of C. B is to the north of C, A is to the east of B. Now F is in  which direction with respect to B.

Question 5

P is the father of Q and R is the son of S. T is the brother of P. Q is the sister of R. How is S related to T?

Question 6

Pointing to a boy, Renu said, “ His mother is the only child of my father.” How is the boy related to the Renu?

Question 7

Anu and Bittu start from the same point. Anu walks 35 m South, then turns West and walks 15 m, then turns to his right and walks 45 m. At the same time, Bittu walks 25 m North, then turns to his left and walks 15m. Where is Bittu now with respect to the position of Anu?

Question 8

One woman pointed a lady in a photo who is the wife of the only son of the husband of her mother-in-law. How this pointed lady is related to that woman?
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