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Question 1

A group of 7 persons is to be selected from a group having 8 females and 7 males. In how many ways can a group of at least 2 females and at least 3 males be selected?

Question 2

The value of

Question 3

If G is the G.M. of the product of r sets of observations with geometric means G1, G2, G3,…., Gr respectively, then find the value of G?

Question 4

Simplify :

Question 5

In how many ways can the letters of the word ‘ARRANGED’ be arranged so that the two R’s are always together?

Question 6

When 2 fish are taken out of an aquarium randomly one by one then the probability of both having same sex is ½. The number of fishes in the aquarium is:

Question 7

If  = a + b√2, then what is the value of (3a + 4b)?

Question 8

If a =  and b =  , then find the value of a3 + b3 - 10ab: 
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