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GATE 2023 || Aptitude || Quiz 2

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Question 1

The average weight of Somya, Ajit and Shruti is 65 kg. If the average weight of Somya and Ajit is 63 kg and that of Ajit and Shruti is 70 kg, then the weight of Ajit is :

Question 2

Four years ago, ratio of Aman’s to Dhruv’s age is 7 : 9 and Dhruv’s age four years ago is same as Aman’s present age. If Sahil’s present age is average of present age of Aman and Dhruv’s, then find Sahil’s age after 2 years.

Question 3

Pure ghee costs Rs 200 per kg. A shopkeeper mixes vegetable oil costing Rs 70 per kg and sells the mixtures at Rs 195 per kg, making a profit of 30%. In what ratio does he mix the pure ghee with the vegetable oil.

Question 4

If the sum of three consecutive multiples of 2 is 888, Calculate the first multiple?

Question 5

Find the unit digit of

Question 6

A Bowler whose bowling average is 16.65 runs per wicket, takes 10 wickets for 34 runs in the next innings and so his average decreases by 2.65 runs per wicket. Find the number of wickets before the last match.

Question 7

How many litres of water should be added to a 100 litres mixture containing alcohol and water in the ratio of 3:1, such that the resultant mixture has 50% alcohol in it?

Question 8

If a and b are roots of equation x- 2x + 4 = 0, then what is the equation whose roots are a3/ b2 and b3/a2?
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