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GATE 2025 Analog Electronics Quiz 64

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Question 1

In a current amplifier, it is desirable to have

Question 2

In the circuit shown in the figure, transistor M1 is in saturation and has transconductance gm = 0.01 siemens. Ignoring internal parasitic capacitances and assuming the channel length modulation to be zero, the small signal input pole frequency (in kHz) is.

Question 3

Consider the circuit shown in figure

The circuit 2 is equivalent of circuit 1, the MOSFET of circuit 1 is replaced by its Thevenin’s equivalent in circuit and thus circuit 1 reduces to a common gate circuit. The value of will be. (Assuming the trans conductance of the two MOSFET are and and the be and respectively)

Question 4

For a common-source amplifier with source degeneration, considering which of the following is true, where is the transconductance without source degeneration, is the transconductance with source degeneration, is the source degeneration resistance?

Question 5

In the figure shown below

If then the value of the (W/L) ratio to make it a unity gain inverting amplifier is _________. (Assume )

Question 6

Consider the source-follower circuit in fig. The values of parameter are mS and

The voltage gain is:-
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