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GATE 2023 Analog Electronics Quiz 61

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Question 1

In the current mirror circuit shown below the transistor parameters are VBE=0.7 V, β=50 and the early voltage is infinite. Assume transistor are matched the output current I0 is

Question 2

In the figure shown below

If then the value of is ________mA.

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

Choose the correct option(s) regarding current mirror?

Question 4

In figure all transistors are identical and have a high value of β. The voltage VDC (in volts) is equal to ________.

Question 5

In the figure shown below

Assuming Vt= 25 mV and Iin = 2mA then the value R that should be used in the circuit so that the output current is half of the input current is (Assume both the transistors to be identical)

Question 6

Assuming all transistors are identical and have a large value of β, the voltage is
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