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GATE 2023 Analog Circuits Evaluation Quiz 3

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Question 1

The op-amp given has an open loop gain of 2 and all other parameters of op-amp are ideal. Calculate the input resistance (Rin).

Question 2

In the circuit shown in the figure, find voltage V0.(In Volts )

Question 3

A diode circuit shown in the figure below consist of two diode D1 and D2

The diode connected are assumed to be ideal diodes then the transfer characteristic curve of the clipper circuit formed by the two diodes can be represented as

Question 4

For Designing a DC regulated power supply of 6V across the load with variable load current of 1mA to 20mA Zener diode specifications are (IZ)min = 0.1 mA & Iz max = 50 mA with input unregulated DC voltage of 10V to 15V a circuit shown in figure.

So the suitable value of resistance of RS is

Question 5

Assume the op-amps in figure to be ideal. If the input signal Vi is a sinusoid of 2V peak-to-peak and with zero DC component, the output signal V0 is a

Question 6

It is desired to design a phase shift oscillator using FET having gm = 5000 μs & rd = 40k and feedback circuit R = 10k. What should be the value of C for operation at 1 kHz and RD for A = 40?

Question 7

Consider circuit shown in figure below:-

It transistor parameters are VTN = 0.8V, and λ = 0, then the small signal voltage gain of the amplifier circuit will be :-

Question 8

In the circuit shown below the transistor parameter are VTN = 1 V and Kn = 30 μA/V2.

If ID = 0.6 mA and V1 = 5 V and V2 = 2 V let width to length ratio for transistor M1= X, transistor M2= Y and transistor M3= Z, then the value of is ____.

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