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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 9

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Question 1

For maximum range of a projectile, the angle of projection should be ______. (in degrees)

Question 2

Edge dislocation Imperfection is a sub type of:

Question 3

If stream function (Ψ) satisfies the Laplace equation, it is a possible case of

Question 4

If the thickness of thermal Boundary is more than that hydrodynamic boundary layer, then

Where Pr = Prandtl Number

Question 5

A journal Bearing of diameter 40 mm and length 60 mm operating at 1200 rpm carries a load of 3 KN. If, the viscosity of lubricant is 0.05 Pa-sec, calculate the Summerfield number of bearing for a radial clearance of 40 μm.

Question 6

Carburising flame is not used in the welding of

Question 7

The deflection of an elastic member at the point of application of a force in the direction of that force is given by the derivative of member's total strain energy taken with respect to applied force. This is known as _________.

Question 8

Stirling cycle consists of
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