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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 4

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Question 1

To prevent failure due to erosion and piping, which of the following methods can be used?

1) by providing cut-off wall at downstream side.

2) Increasing flow path by providing impervious blanket.

3) Use of protective filter.

Question 2

Which one of the following is correct?

Question 3

Which of the following are the methods of curing of concrete

1) Shading

2) Covering with gunny Bags

3) Sprinkling water

4) Ponding with water

Question 4

Two distances of 20m and 100m were accurately measured, and the staff's corresponding intercepts between the outer stadia webs were 0.196m at the former distance and 0.996 m at the latter. The tachometric constants are…………. And ………….. (Assume horizontal line of sight and staff is held.)

Question 5

The fineness modulus of fine aggregate is 2.58 and for coarse aggregate is 7.92 and the desired fineness modules of mixed aggregate is 6.24. What is the amount of fine aggregate to be mixed with one part of coarse aggregate.

Question 6

A vertical cut is to be made in saturated clay with c = 15 kn/m2, φ = 0 and ϒ = 20kN/m3. What is the theoretical depth in meter to which the clay can be excavated without side collapse?

Question 7

The flow of water (mass density – 1000 kg/m3) and kinematic viscosity

= 10–6 m2 /sec, a compressible pipe with equivalent roughness Ks as 0.12mm yields average shear stress at the pipe boundary = 600N/m2. The value of Ks/δ’ (δ’ being the thickness of laminar sublayer) for this pipe is…

Question 8

If saturation headway of given traffic is 2.5 sec and the cycle time on a particular intersection is 65 sec. With green time as 25 sec and corresponding yellow time as 3.5 sec. If the start-up loss-time is 2 sec and clearance time is 1sec, then the actual capacity of the vehicle per lane in veh/hour is

Question 9

The following data pertains to the number of commercial vehicles per day for the design of a flexible pavement for the national highway as per I.R.C .: 37-1987

Assuming a traffic growth factor of 7.5% per annum for both the types of vehicle, the cumulative of standard axle load repetitions (in millions) for a design life of 8 years is

Question 10

The area of the plan of an old survey plotted to a scale of 10 m to 1 cm measures 97.6 sq. cm as found by planimeter. The plan is found to have shrunk so that a line originally 10 cm long now measures 9.8 cm only. The true area of the survey will be

Question 11

A pipe contains oil of specific gravity of 0.8. A differential manometer connected at two points, A & B, which show a difference of mercury level as 20cm. Take g = 10 m/s2. The difference in pressure at two points (in the height of water) is_________m. (Round of to 2 decimal places)

Question 12

A noise meter located at a distance of 45 m from source recorded 70 dB. The reading at a distance 55 m from the source is ----- dB?
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