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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 21

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Question 1

The following data is given

Basic runway length = 1800 meters

Elevation of airport site = 600m.

Effective gradient = 0.6%

What is the corrected length of the runway after applying the correction for elevation?

Question 2

The field capacity and permanent wilting point for a given 80 cm root zone are 30 and 10 percent respectively at a given time. The soil moisture in the given soil is 20 percent when a farmer irrigates the soil with 250 mm depth of water. Assuming dry specific gravity of soil as 1.6,then the percentage amount of water wasted from the consideration of irrigation is ­ ­ ­ ­ ­ ­

Question 3

Find the width of the trapezoidal channel for a discharge of 40m3/sec width silt factor 0.9 by Lacey's theory taking side slope 1H: 2V.

Question 4

A reactive chemical plant dispose by dilution in the river at a uniform rate of dissipation of 0.15 mg/l/hr. Waste water discharge is 30 MLD having chemical concentration of 20 mg/l. Flow rate of the river is 5 m3/sec and river has zero chemical concentration . Calculate the distance up to which chemical residue persist in km. If area of cross section is 10 m2.

Question 5

A waste water plant produces 950 kg of dry solids per day at a moisture content of 92%. The solids are 60% volatile with a specific gravity of 1.1 and the remaining are non-volatile with a specific gravity of 2.54. What is the volume (in m3) of sludge after digestion, which reduces volatile solids content by 40% and decreases the moisture to 90%?

Question 6

Determine the maximum speed (in kmph) of a train on BG track having radius of curvature 875m and cant of 10cm. assume cant deficiency as 7cm.

Question 7Multiple Correct Options

The left branch canal of main canal carries a discharge of 30 cumsec has culturable commanded area of 10000 ha. The intensity of carrying discharge of Ravi crop is 60% and base period is 130 days. The right branch of same main canal carries a discharge of 18 cumsec has culturable command area of 27000 Ha. Intensity of Rabi crop is 80% and base period is 130 days. Then which among the following statements is/are correct.

Question 8

A plant is designed for treatment of 10 MLD of waste water. Assume Methane produced = 60% of total volume of gas generated during digestion, compute the efficiency of PST (in percent) provided in sewage Treatment plant for removal of suspended solids. If CODinfluent = 2000mg/l, CODeffluent = 350 mg/L, BOD = 0.65 COD and conc of suspended solids = 1500 mg 1L.
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