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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 2

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Question 1

In case of water retaining tanks, the bar spacing generally should not exceed

Question 2

Consider the following statement for clamp burning of bricks:

1) Bricks produced are tough and strong.

2) Bricks obtained are expressive

3) Skilled labour or supervision required.

Which of these statements are correct?

Question 3

A committee of 4 is to be formed from among 4 girls and 5 boys. What is the probability that the committee will have the number of boys less than the number of girls?

Question 4

The total observed runoff volume during a 6h storm with a uniform intensity of 1.5cm/hr is 23.04×106 m3 from a basin of 320 km2 of area. The average infiltration rate for the basin is ……… mm/hr

Question 5

A steel plate subjected to a factored tensile force of 600kN is connected to another plate by top connection using 5 bolts in a row. The strength of each both in shear is 180kN. What would be the possible value of bearing strength (P) of each bolt

Question 6

Ultimate BOD of river water sample is 30 mg/L, BOD rate constant (natural log) is 0.17/day. The respective value of BOD (in %) exerted and remaining after 5 days are

Question 7

The performance of a hydraulic structure during a flood has been investigated in a 1/36 model based on Froude law of similarity. A flood wave passes through the model in 3 hours corresponds to prototype period of

Question 8

If the void ratios at the beginning and end of the load increment are 1 and 1.2 respectively. And stress change is 200 kPa. What is coefficient of permeability? (Take coefficient of consolidation, Cv = 100 m2/sec. and rw = 10 kN-m2)
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