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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 15

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Question 1

The number of ways in which 8 matrices can be multiplied is:

Question 2

In a bottom up evaluation of a syntax directed definition, Inherited attributes can

Question 3

On HTTP version 1, client sends 3 requests consecutively to server, it takes time t1, t2, t3 respectively. On HTTP version 1 .1 client sends 3 requests consecutively to server, it takes time T1,T2,T3 respectively.

No what is correct among below –

Question 4

Find the number of correct statements from the following sentences:

I. All 1:M and 1:1 relationships should be converted into separate tables.

II. All multi valued attributes should be converted into separate tables.

III. Cardinality ratio is applicable for only binary relationships.

IV. A key attribute can uniquely identify an entity from an entity set.

Question 5

Consider the hypothetical control unit which supports 2K control word, hardware contains 20 control signal, 8 flags, and 16 branch condition are used to control the branch logic.

What is the size of microinstruction bits using horizontal programs?

Question 6

Let us assume P[20][30] is a two-dimensional array, which is stored in the memory along the column with each of its elements occupying 2 bytes. Find the address of the element P[5][6], if the base address of the array is 25000.

Question 7

Minimize the following canonical expression using the Boolean law ABC'D' + ABC'D + AB'C'D + ABCD + AB'CD + ABCD' + AB'CD'

Question 8

Consider following properties—Subset of R, superset of R, union, intersection, set difference and complement. If R is asymmetric relation then number of properties in which R is closed are _____.
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