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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 15

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Question 1

The number of ways in which 8 matrices can be multiplied is:

Question 2

In a bottom up evaluation of a syntax directed definition, Inherited attributes can

Question 3

On HTTP version 1, client sends 3 requests consecutively to server, it takes time t1, t2, t3 respectively. On HTTP version 1 .1 client sends 3 requests consecutively to server, it takes time T1,T2,T3 respectively.

No what is correct among below –

Question 4

Find the number of correct statements from the following sentences:

I. All 1:M and 1:1 relationships should be converted into separate tables.

II. All multi valued attributes should be converted into separate tables.

III. Cardinality ratio is applicable for only binary relationships.

IV. A key attribute can uniquely identify an entity from an entity set.

Question 5

Consider the hypothetical control unit which support 2K control word, hardware contains 20 contain signal ,8 flags, and 16 branch condition are used to control the branch logic.

What is the size of microinstruction bits using horizontal programs?

Question 6

Let us assume P[20][30] is a two-dimensional array, which is stored in the memory along the column with each of its elements occupying 2 bytes. Find the address of the element P[5][6], if the base address of the array is 25000.

Question 7

Minimize the following canonical expression using the Boolean law ABC'D' + ABC'D + AB'C'D + ABCD + AB'CD + ABCD' + AB'CD'

Question 8

Consider following properties—Subset of R, superset of R, union, intersection, set difference and complement. If R is asymmetric relation then number of properties in which R is closed are _____.
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