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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 13

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Question 1

Suppose that minimum spanning tree of the following edge weighted graph contains the edge weights x as well z.

Then maximum value of x + z is?

Question 2

Let a denote number system radix. The only value (s) of are that satisfy the equation , is/are

Question 3

Consider the following state diagram of a counter with 110 as initial state:

What will be the state after 68 cycles?

Question 4

Consider a company having a database of their customers over 10 years and the number of malfunctions of product reports over 5 year has a poisson distribution with λ=2. The probability that there is at least one malfunctioning report is

Question 5

Given grammar

S -> aAS {print 3}

S -> a {print 1}

A -> SbA {print 3}

A -> SS {print 2}

A -> ba {print 2}

For generating aabbaa what will be the output printed?

Question 6

A 8 Mbps Ethernet LAN that has stations attached to a 2 km long optical fibre cable. Given that the transmission speed is 2 x 10^8 m/sec, the size of packet is 150 bytes out of which 28 bytes are overhead, find the effective transmission rate.

Question 7

Consider a recursive function.

func (t){

printf (“%d”, tdata);

func (t RC);

func (t → LC);

printf(“%d”, t data);


If we pass root node of given tree (A) to function then output will be

Question 8

Which of the given option is correct :

Relation :

Alpha ( A, B, C, D, E)


Beta(A,B,C) , Gamma(B,C,D) , Delta(A,C,E)

Functional Dependencies:

A -> BE

B -> C

E -> DB

C -> D

i) Lossy Decomposition

ii) Lossless Decomposition

iii) Dependency Preserving

iv) Not Dependency preserving

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