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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 12

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Question 1

Consider the following grammar G.
A → A + B |B
B → int|(A)
Which of the following grammar is equivalent to the above grammar G?

Question 2

Considering the exponential average behaviour used to predict the next CPU burst. If α = 0.80 and τ0 = 25 ms and previous (T0 , T1, T2, T3) runs were as 10, 12, 15, 20. The predicted value of τ4 __________

Question 3

Which Among the following is Static Data Structure-

Question 4

The transport layer protocols used for TFTP, SNMP, SMTP, RIP?

Question 5

Consider a modified 8-bit floating point representation in which 1-bit for sign, 3-bit for exponent and 4-bit for significant. What will be representation for decimal value –12?

Question 6

Consider the following strings.
I. for1_2
II. _if
IV. 123
Find invalid tokens from the above strings in C program.

Question 7

How many of the below statements are True ?

1) Checking Conflict Serializability is a polynomial time problem.

2) Checking View Serializability is a NP-Complete Problem.

3) Every conflict serializable schedule is also view serializable but reverse is not true.

4) View Serializability is necessary but not sufficient condition for Serializability.

5) Conflict Serializability is necessary and sufficient condition for Serializability.

Question 8

Consider the following schedule:

S: W1(A) W2(B) W3(B) W4(B)

The number of schedule which are view equal to S is____________.

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