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GATE 2022 Rapid Revision Quiz 11

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Question 1

A close-cooled helical spring is to carry a load of 150 N. The mean coil diameter has to 10 times that of the wire diameter. If the maximum shear stress is not to exceed 100 N/mm2, calculate the diameter of the coil.

Question 2

What will be the shear centre(e) of a channel section (in mm) of uniform thickness knowing that b = 50 mm, h = 150 mm and t = 3mm.

Question 3

The free and of a cantilever beam is supported by the free-end of another cantilever beam using a roller as shown in the fig. given below. What is the deflection at the roller support B?

Question 4

The slope at the support A due to the loading as shown in the figure will be

Question 5

An elevated structure is supported on a tower with 4 legs. The legs rest on piles located at the corners of a square 6m on a side. Total weight of structure is 8000 kN. What is the vertical stress increment due to this loading at a point 6m beneath the center of the structure ?

Question 6

A rectangular footing of size 3m × 7m is embedded in a clayey strata at a depth of 1.5m. The clay has a total depth of 5m below G.L. Assuming a FOS of 2.5, what will be the net safe bearing capacity of soil according to Skempton’s theory? Take undrained cohesion = 40 KPa.

Question 7

An infinite slope of soil, with height 10 m, is inclined at an angle of 35 to the horizontal. The soil has c’ = 22 kN/m2, = 22. A stability analysis by the method of slices has given the following forces per running meter

= 350 kN

= 755 kN

= 175 kN

If the length of arc is 19 m then the ratio of F.O.S with respect to cohesion to the F.O.S with respect to shearing strength is _________.

Question 8

A thin cylindrical shell 2.5m long and diameter of 1.25m has thickness of 20mm, then the change in dimension of diameter of the shell which is subjected to pressure of 1.5 MPa is _______mm.

E = 200 GPa&m = 0.3

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