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GATE 2022 : Power Electronics Quiz- 59

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Question 1

For 3ϕ full wave rectifier following Relation hold true for which load. [given α > 60°, α : firing angle].

Question 2

Overlap angle (μ) will increase with quantities:

1. Frequency

2. Firing angle

3. Inductance

4. Voltage applied

5. Type of Battery

Question 3

Consider the following 1-phase semi converter, where load current at 10 A is observed ripple free.

_____ VAR is value of reactive power input to the converter.

Question 4

In a single-phase full converter one of the four SCRs gets open circuited. If the load is RLE with R = 10 Ω, L = 10 mH and E = 100V and firing angle is 45°. What is the average load current in Ampere, assuming supply of 400V, 50 Hz and continuous load current?

Question 5

A half-controlled bridge converter is operating from an rms input voltage of 120 V. Neglecting the voltage drops, what are the mean load voltage at a firing delay angle of 0° and 180° respectively?

Question 6

A diode whose internal resistance is 50 Ω is to supply power to a 500 Ω load from a 230 V(rms) source of supply as shown below. Find the power dissipated in the diode.

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