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GATE 2022 ME: Thermodynamics Quiz - 5

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Question 1

One side of a wall is maintained at 400 K and the other at 300 K. The rate of heat transfer through the wall is 1000 W and the surrounding temperature is 25 °C. Assuming no generation of heat within the wall, the irreversibility (in W) due to heat transfer through the wall is______

Question 2

Find the increase in unavailable energy associated with transfer of 800kJ of heat from a constant temperature system at 600K to another constant temperature at 400K. The ambient temperature is 300K.

Question 3

3kg of steam at 120 °C and 1 atm is mixed with 25kg of water at ambient temperature of 25 °C. Calculate the irreversibility (in kJ) produced if the steam condenses at 100 °C with Latent heat of condensation as 2260 kJ/kg. Specific heat of steam is 1.99kJ/kgK.

Question 4

A rigid tank contains 2.5 kg of refrigerant R-12 initially at 35°C & 170 kPa. The refrigerant is now cooled until its pressure drops to 110 kPa. The entropy change in (kJ/k) of the refrigerant during the process is –

Use the following data :

At P1 = 170 kPa S1 = 1.1375 kJ/kg.k

V1 = 0.17634 m3/kg

At P2 = 110 kPa,

[–0.68 to – 0.70]

Question 5

Air of mass 2.5kg at 5 bar, 100 °C expands adiabatically is a closed system until its volume is doubled and its temperature becomes equal to that of the surroundings which is at 1 bar, 10 °C. For this process determine the maximum work.
For air (Cv= 0.718kJ/kgK, R= 0.287kJ/kgK)

Question 6

Air enters a compressor in steady flow manner at 140 kPa and 17 °C and leaves it at 350 kPa and 127 °C. During the flow change in enthalpy and kinetic energy are 110.55 kJ/kg and 3.6 kJ/kg respectively. The minimum reversible work input required is ________ kJ/kg.
[Given: Environment temperature is 7 °C]
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