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GATE 2022 ME: Thermodynamics Quiz-2

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Question 1

When two systems are in thermal equilibrium with a third system, they are in thermal equilibrium with each other, this law is known as

Question 2

For a system of ideal gas, in a reversible isothermal process the heat transferred to the system is 0.75 kJ. The internal energy at the initial point is 2.05 kJ. Determine the work done during the process.

Question 3

In an internal combustion engine, during the compression stroke the heat rejected to the cooling water is 50 kJ/kg and the work input is 100 kJ/kg. What is the change in internal energy of the working fluid ?

Question 4

An ideal gas of mass 0.5 kg has a pressure of 600 kPa, a temperature of 77 and a volume of 0.08 m3. This gas undergoes an irreversible process to a final pressure of 600 kPa and final volume of 0.12 m3, during which the heat addition and work done on gas are 2 kJ and 30 kJ respectively. The value of Cv of gas is

Question 5

A piston cylinder device contains 1 kg of fluid at 40 atm and initial volume  0.04 m3. The fluid is allowed to expand reversibly following the process pv1.45=constant ,so that volume becomes double. The fluid is then cooled at constant pressure until the piston comes back to original position. Keeping this piston unaltered,the heat is added reversibly to restore it to the initial pressure.The total work done (in KJ) in the cycle is ____.

Question 6

Calculate the net heat interaction (kJ) for the cycle shown in the figure.

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