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GATE 2022 ME: Theory of Machines Quiz - 8

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Question 1

What is vibration isolator?

Question 2

For an under damped system, if the ratio of two successive peak is 10, then the minimum damping ratio (ζ) will be

Question 3

For a system under simple harmonic motion, the acceleration is written as
where ω= Natural Frequency of vibration; x= displacement; =velocity

Question 4

The vibration analysis of a physical system may be summarized by

Question 5

In a spring mass damper system (k=20N/m; m=2kg), The value of damped frequency (rad/sec) if the damper offers a resistance of 2N force when it vibrates with a constant velocity of 40cm/sec is:

Question 6

A vibration system with mass 3 kg, stiffness 21 N/m and damper having damping coefficient 10 N-s/m. When an exciting force of magnitude 27 sin 2t is acting, what would be the time period of oscillations?
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