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GATE 2022 ME: Theory of Machines Quiz - 4

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Question 1

A riveting machine is driven by a motor of 5 kW. The actual time to complete one riveting operation is 1.5s and it absorbs 10 kN-m of energy. The moving parts including the flywheel are equivalent to 200 kg at 0.5m radius of gyration. Speed of flywheel (in rad/s) after riveting, if it was 350 rpm before riveting will be

Question 2

A flywheel should supply an energy of 400 Nm at a mean speed of 20 rad/s. What is the mass moment of inertia if the total fluctuation of speed is not to exceed %.

Question 3

A flywheel of moment of inertia 9.8 kg m2 fluctuates by 30 rpm, if the fluctuation in the speed is not to exceed ±3%, Then the mean angular speed of the flywheel is. Take ∆E = 3 kJ

Question 4

The example of the Spring-loaded Governor is __________.

Question 5

A flywheel fitted to a steam engine has a mass of 500 kg and radius of gyration 300 mm. The starting torque is 900 N m. What is the kinetic energy after 10 s ?

Question 6

The mass of each ball of a Proell governor is 6 kg and load of sleeve is 70 kg. The length of each arm is 240 mm. The upper arms are pivoted on the axis of rotation whereas lower arms are pivoted at 30 mm from axis of rotation. The extensions of the lower arms to which the balls are attached are 80 mm long and are parallel to governor axis at minimum radius of rotation of 180 mm. Find this minimum speed of rotation ___________, (Neglect friction).
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