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GATE 2022 ME: Theory of Machines Quiz - 2

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Question 1

Coriolis acceleration (m/s2) of a slider moving at 100 m/s on a link rotating at 60 rpm will ___________.

Question 2

For a mechanism having 6 links and 7 joints the number instantaneous centre is ( IC is a point at which a particular link is assumed to be a rotational motion about that point)

Question 3

The rod AB, of length 1 m, shown in the figure is connected to two sliders at each end through pins. The sliders can slide along QP and QR. If the velocity VA of the slider at A is 2 m/s, the velocity of the midpoint of the rod at this instant is ________m/s.

Question 4

For the given engine mechanism, calculate tangential acceleration of crank BC if crank rotates with an angular velocity and angular acceleration of 80 rad/sec and 1000 rad/s2, respectively

Question 5

In an experiment to find the velocity and acceleration of a particular cam rotating at 10 rad/s, the values of displacements and velocities are recorded. The slope of displacement curve at an angle of ‘θ’ is 1.5 m/s and the slope of velocity curve at the same angle is –0.5 m/s2. The velocity and acceleration of the cam at the instant are respectively.

Question 6

Block 2 slides outward on link 1 at a uniform velocity of 6 m/s as shown in the figure. Link 1 is rotating at a constant angular velocity of 20 radians/s counterclockwise. The magnitude of the total acceleration (in m/s2) of point P of the block with respect to fixed point O is ___.
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