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GATE 2022 ME: Strength of Materials Revision Quiz

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Question 1

Which assumptions are incorrect in column theory?

Question 2

A steel rod of 3 sq. cm area of cross-section and 2.588m in length is subjected to a pull of 20kN. If the modulus of rigidity is 100 GPa and poison’s ratio is 0.33 then, The strain in the rod is expressed as A × Find A _________ (Round off to 2 decimals)

Question 3

A 100 mm × 50 mm × 50 mm steel bar free to expand is heated from 15 °C to 40 °C. What kind of stress shall be developed?

Question 4

For different long columns having same cross-section area and hinged at both ends subjected Euler buckling load. Which of the following cross-section can have maximum buckling load

Question 5

A mild steel specimen of tapered circular crossection has diameter of 40 mm at one end and 14 mm at another end. If length of the specimen is 100 mm, then the elongation of the specimen under a tensile load of 220 kN will be [Take, E = 200 kN/mm2]

Question 6

A copper bar of 25 cm length is fixed by means of supports at its ends. Supports can yield (total) by 0.01 cm. If the temperature of the bar is raised by 100 °C, then the stress induced in the bar for if αc = 20×10-6C and Ec = 0.5×105 MPa will be

Question 7

A 200 × 100 × 50 mm3 steel block is subjected to a hydro-static stress of 15 MPa. The Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio of the material are 200 GPa and 0.3 respectively. The change in the volume of the block in mm3 is

Question 8

Two bars, each of length L and of different materials are each subjected to the same tensile force P. The first has a uniform diameter D and the second bar has a diameter D/2 for length L/4 and a diameter D for remaining length.
If Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\04_SOM_BLok_files\image045.png
Here (U= strain energy)

Question 9

In the diagram shown bending moment (in kN-m) at fixed end is

Question 10

In the cantilever beam PQR shown in figure below, the segment PQ has flexural rigidity EI and the segment QR has infinite flexural rigidity

The deflection and slope of the beam at Q are respectively ___________?

Question 11

Two shafts of hollow cross section are subjected to torques TA and TB. The ratio of their torque is TA : TB =2  & outer diameter is DA : DB =3 & ratio of outer to inner diameter is 3 for shaft A and 2 for shaft B then the ratio of shear stress of A to shear stress of B is 

Question 12

At a cross section of a beam,the maximum compressive stress at top is 800 kg/cm2 and the maximum tensile stress at bottom is 200 kg/cm2.The depth of cross section is 10 cm.The depth of neutral axis from the top of the section is x.Then x is equal to _______.

Question 13

For a simply supported beam under uniformly distributed load of w N/m, deflection at centre is δ. If the same beam is now fixed at both ends under same loading condition, what will be deflection at centre?

Question 14

A boiler shell of cylindrical shape, having a capacity of 2 m3 is subjected to an internal pressure of 1600 kPa . The strain gauge readings in the longitudinal and perpendicular directions are 25×10-6 and 112.5×10-6 . Due to this , the change in volume suffered by the boiler shell is( in cm3) _________.

Question 15

Young's modulus of elasticity and Poisson's ratio of a material are 2 × 105MPa and 0.34 respectively. The modulus of rigidity of the material is:
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