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GATE 2022 ME: Strength of Materials Quiz-9

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Question 1

A two meter length of steel shafting is to transmit 130 kW at 3600 RPM through a flexible coupling from a motor to pump. Assuming maximum shear stress as 40 MPa, the required diameter (in mm) of shaft is __________. 

Question 2

The torque transmitted by a thick tube 6 cm internal diameter and 5 mm thick when the shear stress is not to exceed 41 MPa and length of the tube is 2.5 m. the shear stress at the inner periphery will be (assume G = 80 GPa)

Question 3

A shaft circular in cross section and of length l is subjected to a variable torque given by kx2/l2 where x is the distance measured from one end of the shaft and k is a constant. What will be the angle of twist for the shaft at free end.
Modulus of rigidity of the shaft is G.


Question 4

A torque is applied on a circular shaft as shown below:

[Assume, torsional rigidity of shaft = GJ]

What will be the torques developed at ends A and C respectively?

Question 5

A plastic bar of 50 mm diameter is subjected to torque ‘T’  at the end such that angle of twist between the ends of the bar is 3°. The minimum permissible length of the bar, if the allowable shear strain in the plastic is 0.020 rad is______mm

Question 6

A Hollow shaft of outer diameter 80 mm and inner diameter of 40 mm is to be replaced by a solid shaft to transmit the same torque at the same maximum stress. The diameter of solid shaft should be ____ mm.
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