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GATE 2022 ME: Strength of Materials Quiz-8

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Question 1

The ratio of Euler’s buckling loads of columns with the same parameters having (i) both ends fixed, and (ii) both ends hinged is

Question 2

A bar of length 4 m when used as a cantilever beam, and subjected to a concentrated load of 30 kN at the middle, deflect 1.5 cm at the free end. When it is used as a column with same end condition as that of cantilever beam, the buckling load will be

Question 3

The Euler's crippling load for 1m long steel rod hinged at both ends is 6000N. What will the load for same cross section rod with one end fixed and other free?

Question 4

If the diameter of a circular column is reduced by 10%. Then the percentage reduction in the Euler’s crippling load is

Question 5

A column (E= 200GPa) fixed on both ends, its height is 1m and cross-section is 15mm×30mm. Critical buckling load in kN  which the column withstands____________

Question 6

The radius of gyration of a double symmetric cross-section pinned-pinned column is 350mm. The distance between two point of contraflexure along its length is 10m. The slenderness ratio of the given column is _____.(correct to two decimal place)
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