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GATE 2022 ME: Strength of Materials Quiz-7

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Question 1

A thin cylinder of inner radius 500 mm and thickness 5 mm is subjected to an internal gauge pressure of 5 MPa. The average hoop stress in MPa is

Question 2

Wall thickness of a cylindrical shell of 800 mm internal diameter and 2m long is 10 mm. If the shell is subjected to an internal pressure of 1.5 MPa. Find the maximum intensity of shear stress induced in Mpa. Consider the cylindrical shell to be thin cylinder and circumferential stress remains constant along the wall thickness.

Question 3

A thin cylindrical pressure vessel is subjected to an internal pressure of 3 MPa having diameter and thickness of the cylinder vessel is 600mm and 12 mm respectively. Find the percentage change in volume of the cylinder under given condition if modulus of elasticity is E=200 GPa and poisson's ratio is 0.21.

Question 4

A thin pressure vessel cylindrical in shape is subjected to a guage pressure of 50Mpa and it is of diameter 700mm and thickness 10 mm. Under such pressure diameter of the shell increases, find the final diameter (in mm) of the cylindrical vessel. If E=210Gpa and poisson ratio =0.15

Question 5

A child is inflating a rubber balloon to a pressure of 0.050MPa. The diameter of balloon is 300mm and thickness of rubber maybe taken as 2mm. What is the max. strain in the balloon after which it will burst? (Neglect end effects and take it to be a sphere)

Take Poisson ratio = 0.40 and E = 5MPa

Question 6

A thin cylindrical vessel of 3.2 m diameter and 5 m long is subjected to a circumferential tensile stress of 140 N/mm2 and axial tensile stress of 70 N/mm2. If the volumetric strain of the vessel is 14×10-4, then the Poisson’s ratio of the material will be (Neglect the compressive stress on the walls and take E = 2×105 N/mm2)
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