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GATE 2022 ME: Strength of Materials Quiz-6

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Question 1

When the temperature of a fixed bar is increased, the stress induced in the bar is ______.

Question 2

A steel rod is heated from 30° to 80°C and free expansion of rod is allowed while heating. If coefficient of exposition is 1.2 × 10–5 per °C and E = 110 GN/m2, then thermal stress developed in material is.

Question 3

A circular cross section, linearly tapered (from d1 to d2) bar is rigidly held between two supports. When heated by amount T, the support reactions will be: (E=Young’s Modulus)

Question 4

Two rods, one of Aluminium and the other made of steel, having initial length l1 and l2 are connected to form a single rod of length l1 and l2. The coefficient of linear expansion for Aluminium (Al) and steel are αAl = 24 × 10-6/°C and αs = 12 × 10-6/°C respectively. If the length of each rod increases by same amount, when their temperature is raised by t°C, then find the ratio .

Question 5

A steel bar 800 mm long and having 36 mm diameter is grinded to 35 mm diameter throughout its whole length. During grinding it is heated to 45°C above room temperature and then allowed to cool at room temp. It is clamped at both ends and distance between clamps is unchanged; the maximum stress developed in bar is _____. Assume αs = 12.5 × 10-6/°C and Elastic modulus (Es) = 200 GN/m2, Ambient temperature = 25°C

Question 6

For any given material, the thermal stress is function of:

1) Coefficient of linear function

2) Modulus of elasticity

3) Temperature rise

Which of the following is/are correct?

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