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GATE 2022 ME: Strength of Materials Quiz-5

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Question 1

At a cross section of a beam,the maximum compressive stress at top is 800 kg/cm2 and the maximum tensile stress at bottom is 200 kg/cm2.The depth of cross section is 10 cm.The depth of neutral axis from the top of the section is x.Then x is equal to _______.

Question 2

A thin strip of copper (E = 120 GPa) having length L and thickness, t = 1 mm is bent into a circle and held with the ends just touching. The maximum bending stress in the strip is limited to 250 MPa. The length of the strip is

Question 3

A solid circular shaft of diameter 8 cm is subjected to maximum shear stress of 96 MPa. Then, maximum shear stress (in MPa) developed at a distance 3 cm from the neutral axis _______.

Question 4

A beam of square cross-section is placed horizontally switch one diagonal (d) and another vertically. The maximum shear stress occurs at:

Question 5

Three beams of same material have the same length, same allowable bending stress and are subjected to the same maximum bending moment. The cross-sections of the beams are a circle, square and a rectangle with depth thrice the width. The ratios of their weights are

Question 6

The shear stress at the neutral axis in a beam of triangular cross-section with base 50 mm and height 30 mm, subjected to a shear force of 6 kN is:
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