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GATE 2022 ME: Strength of Materials Quiz-4

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Question 1

A shaft compressed all round by a hub will have a Mohr’s circle as __________.

Question 2

A body is subjected to a pure tensile stress of 200 units. What is the maximum shear produced in the body at some oblique plane due to above condition ?

Question 3

At point in a body stresses developed are such that σx= 140 MPa and σy = 60 MPa and the major principle stress is 150 MPa. What is the magnitude of max in-plane shear stress __________ (in MPa).

Question 4

The Mohr’s circle representing state of stress at a point is showing below. The resultant stress (MPa) on a plane at a 45o from maximum principal stress (MPa) is

Question 5

At a point in a material there are two direct stresses of 60 MPa tensile and 50 MPa compressive acting at right angles to each other. The greatest principal stress in the material is limited to 125 MPa in tension. What will be maximum shearing stress to which the material can be subjected on the given plane __________.

Question 6

In a plane strain problem in the xy plane the shear strain is given as 12×10-6 and the normal strain in x and y direction is 0. For this state of strain, what is the radius of the Mohr’s circle of strain.
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