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GATE 2022 ME: Strength of Materials Quiz-10

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Question 1

A horizontal cantilever beam of circular cross-section, length 1.0 m and flexural rigidity EI = 200 N.m2 is subjected to an applied moment MA = 1.0 N-m at the free end as shown in the figure. The magnitude of the vertical deflection of the free end is _____________mm (round off to one decimal place).

Question 2

For the given cantilever beam of length 4 m, flexural rigidity is 80000 kN/m2. The intensity of uniformly distributed load ‘w’ is 15 kN/m. Gap between beam and support D at no loading condition is 5.8 mm. The reaction at support D at loading condition will be __________.

Question 3

The central deflection of the uniform bend shown in figure is _________.

Question 4

A simply supported beam AB shown below is loaded with a couple μ at the end B . For the given beam, the equation of the elastic curve will be ______.

Question 5

A cantilever beam as shown is acted upon by two loads P1 and P2. If the net deflection at the end is zero then the ratio of P1/P2 is______.

Question 6

A cantilever beam is supported by spring at the free end as shown in figure. It is loaded by an external force of 30kN at the free end. The stiffness of the spring is 150N/mm. The length of beam is 1.5m and Modulus of elasticity is 200GPa. The beam is circular with cross section of 40mm. The deflection of beam is
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