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GATE 2022 ME: Strength of Materials Quiz-1

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Question 1

The slenderness ratio is the ratio of

Question 2

What are the co-ordinates of center of Mohr’s circle for an element subjected to two mutually perpendicular stresses one tensile of magnitude 80MPa and other compressive of magnitude 50MPa?

Question 3

If the Poisson’s ratio of an elastic material is 0.25, then the ratio of modulus of rigidity to Young's modulus is____.

Question 4

A horizontal bar with a constant cross-section is subjected to loading as shown in the figure. The Young’s moduli for the sections AB and BC are 3E and E, respectively.

For the deflection at C to be zero, the ratio P/F is ____________

Question 5

A steel bar of 50 mm × 50 mm square cross-section is subjected to an axial compressive load of 200 kN. If the length of the bar is 2 m and E = 160 GPa, then the magnitude of deformation of the bar will be?

Question 6

A cantilever beam as shown is acted upon by two loads P1 and P2. If the net deflection at the end is zero then the ratio of P1/P2 is______.

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