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GATE 2022 ME: RAC, PPE & IC Engines Quiz - 7

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Question 1

In an axial flow compressor, when the degree of reaction is 50%, it implies that

Question 2

Which among the following rotary compressor has high compression ratios as compared to reciprocating compressors?

Question 3

The pressure ratio of a reciprocating compressor is 8 and having clearance volume as 10% of total volume.If the compression takes place with an index 1.3 and expansion takes place with an index 1.33, then calculate the volumetric efficiency of the reciprocating compressor.


Question 4

In compressor of a Refrigerator, air enters in the axial flow compressor & leaves the compressor axially. Calculate the degree of reaction, if the component of air responsible for whirl is leaving the compressor at one-third the average blade velocity of rotor if the flow velocity at inlet and outlet remain same.

Question 5

A refrigerant compressor of 50 mm bore and 40 mm stroke operates at a speed of 1460 rpm between condensing and evaporating pressure limits of 1.219 MPa and 0.151 MPa. The clearance ratio is 5%, polytropic index of expansion in compressor is 1.18, specific volume of refrigerant at suction is 0.11 m3/kg. The mass flow rate of refrigerant will be

Question 6

A reciprocating compressor working between pressure limit of 1 bar and 10 bar. The bore and stroke of the cylinder is 20 cm and 35 cm respectively. If clearance volume is 500 cc, find the volumetric efficiency of the compressor.(n=1.25)
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