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GATE 2022 ME: RAC, PPE & IC Engines Quiz - 6

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Question 1

A calorically perfect gas (specific heat at constant pressure 1000 J/kg.K) enters and leaves a gas turbine with the same velocity. The temperatures of the gas at turbine entry and exit are 1100 K and 400 K, respectively. The power produced is 4.6 MW and heat escapes at the rate of 300 kJ/s through the turbine casing. The mass flow rate of the gas (in kg/s) through the turbine is

Question 2

A gas turbine working on Brayton cycle has a back work ratio of 0.35 and net output is 250 kJ. If compressor efficiency of 90%, then find the work output by the turbine ____________?

Question 3

The cycle generally used for gas turbines is:

Question 4

Find the maximum work obtainable per kg of air in ideal brayton cycle working between temperature limits of 127oC and 1327oC. (Take Cp = 1 kJ/kg/K) 

Question 5

If m is the ratio of maximum and minimum temperature of Brayton cycle, then the efficiency corresponding to the maximum work done is given by the relation _________.

Question 6

In Brayton Cycle, the work ratio is 0.65. What is the back work ratio of this Brayton Cycle?
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