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GATE 2022 ME: RAC, PPE & IC Engines Quiz - 2

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Question 1

For an absorption type ideal refrigeration system, the temperatures at which heating, cooling and refrigeration takes place are at 197 C, 17 C and -3 C respectively. The ideal Coefficient of Performance of the given cycle is ________

Question 2

Which of the following statements pertaining to vapour absorption refrigeration system is incorrect _______.

Question 3

Which of the following is not an advantage of three fluids absorption system?

Question 4

Cascade Refrigeration is used for very low refrigeration temperature by using two VCRS cycle, COP of first cycle is 4 and COP of second cycle is 5. Then find the overall COP of refrigeration ______.

Question 5

In ammonia water absorption system heat is supplied to generator by condensing steam at 0.2 MPa, 120.2oC. The Temperature to be maintained in refrigerator is -10oC and surrounding temperature is 30oC . Find Maximum COP of refrigerator.

Question 6

A vapour absorption refrigeration system works with generator, ambient and evaporator temperature as 360 k, 310 k and 260 k respectively. If the evaporator temperature falls to 250 k what should be the generator temperature in order to operate the system with same COP ?
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