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GATE 2022 ME: RAC, PPE & IC Engines Quiz - 11

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Question 1

Determine the resultant mean effective pressure in , if the approximate average mean pressure during compression, induction, exhaust & power strokes of an IC engine are respectively , , ,

Question 2

For an IC engine, the indicated power is 100 kW, brake power is 80 kW and brake thermal efficiency is 25 %, then the indicated thermal efficiency is:

Question 3

The Willan’s line measured for a four-stroke, four-cylinder is expressed as: FC = 0.15 + 0.03 × B.P., where FC is the rate of fuel consumption in gm/s and B.P. is the brake power in kW. The bore of each cylinder is 75 mm and stroke is 90 mm and the speed is 3000 rpm. Calculate indicated power in kW, when the engine is developing a brake power of 20 kW.

Question 4

Morse test is used for multi-cylinder spark ignition engine to determine

Question 5

Indicated power of a 4-stroke engine is equal to______.

where p = mean effective pressure,
L = stroke
A = area of piston and
N = rpm of engine

Question 6

The Swept volume for an Otto cycle is 4 litre and mean effective pressure is 1MPa. If the engine is operated as a 4 stroke cycle engine at 3000 rpm, then what will be the power output _______?
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