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GATE 2023 ME: Production Engineering Revision Quiz

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Question 1

The process of making hollow castings of non-circular shape and desired thickness by permanent mould without the use of cores is known as ____.

Question 2

The bite angle when rolling plates 12 mm thick using work rolls 600 mm diameter and reducing the thickness to 6 mm is _____ degrees.

Question 3

A 40 mm diameter rod is to be turned on a lathe at a cutting speed of 30 m/min. The required spindle speed should be approximately:

Question 4

An orthogonal turning operation is carried out under the following conditions: rake angle = 5 ° and Chip thickness ratio is given 0.6. The shear angle (in degrees) in this turning process is_______

Question 5

In Grinding wheel specification: A 76 M 8 S . Where S signifies____?

Question 6

A rectangular hole of size 150mm X 60mm is to be made on a 8 mm thick sheet having ultimate tensile strength and shear strength of 500MPa & 300MPa respectively. The punching force required (in KN) is__________.

Question 7

The percentage change in the solidification time of a casting of cuboid shape when each dimension is increased to 3 times is __________. (Assume conditions remain same)

Question 8

A 4 mm thick steel sheet of 25 mm width is to bent at an angle of 60 having a bend radius of 5 mm. The bend allowance for this operation will be __________ mm( Given bend constant k= 0.33)

Question 9

In arc welding of a butt joint, the welding speed is to be selected such that highest cooling rate is achieved. Melting efficiency and heat transfer efficiency are 0.5 and 0.7, respectively. The area of the weld cross section is 5 mm2 and the unit energy required to melt the metal is 10 J/mm3. If the welding power is 2 kW, the welding speed in mm/s is closest to

Question 10

In a tool wear study experiment, it is found that doubling cutting speed reduces the tool life to 1/8th of the original. The Taylor’s tool life index is

Question 11

The voltage length characteristic of a direct current (dc) arc is given by
V = (20 + 40 L) Watts
Where, L is the length of the arc in cm. The power source characteristic is approximated by a straight line with an open circuit voltage = 80 V and a short circuit current = 1000 amp. The optimum arc length is _________ (in cm).

Question 12

Match List-I (Casting Process) with List-II (Principle) and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:
A). Die casting
B). Investment casting
C). Shell moulding
D). Centrifugal casting
1). The metal solidifies in a rotating mould
2). The pattern cluster is repeatedly dipped into a ceramic slurry and dusted with refractory
3). Molten metal is forced by pressure into a metallic mould
4). After cooling, the invest is removed from the casting by pressure jetting or vibratory cleaning

Question 13

When an alloy solidifies over a range of temperature, the resulting casting structure is

Question 14

If H is the heat input, l is the weld length, V is the voltage applied, I is the current, v is the welding speed and e is the efficiency of the process, then the process-governing equation in arc welding is given by

Question 15

EBM is used for drilling holes in a steel workpiece with an accelerating voltage of 160 kV. Determine the range up to which electron can penetrate _________(in μm), take density of steel as 7800 kg/m3.
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