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GATE 2022 ME: Production Engineering Quiz - 9

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Question 1

Match the following

Question 2

In CAD, the geometric transformation is expressed as P* =[T]P where T is the transformation matrix. If the matrix T is diagonal, then the transformation is called_____.

Question 3

A Robot arm PQ with end coordinates P (0,0) and Q (2,5) rotates counter-clockwise about P in the XY plane by 90 °. The new coordinate pair of the end point Q is

Question 4

A point (3, 4) is located in a 2D CAD model drawing. If this point is reflected about X-axis then what is the coordinate of the new point.

Question 5

If Pulse generated is 500 Pulse/s in CNC machine and motor RPM is the 120 and the lead screw is 5 mm pitch. What is the Basic length Unit (in mm) ?

Question 6

A numerical controlled unit is used for a turning operation and the Spindle is rotating at a speed of 200 rpm. The signal impulse transferred to the system is 20000 pulses per minute and each pulse corresponds to each step of a stepper motor. The pitch of the lead screw is 6 mm. Find the basic length unit (BLU) of the system in mm______
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